Artificial intelligence: Sanoïa's contributions for a smooth adoption

Sanoïa’s strong involvement in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is intensely related to our identity as a digital CRO offering actionable tools matching the specifics of healthcare. One of our commitments to our clients is to provide a strong and sustainable connection between the digital world and needs of everyday clinical practice and needs of patients and health care professionnels.

Great opportunities for health research and health care have arisen due to the recent expansion of big data and AI. As part of this process, Sanoïa, in its role as member of the EULAR big data taskforce, has co-authored the EULAR guidelines on how to facilitate the collection, analysis and the use of big data in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs).

AI is indeed everywhere; however, applications in non-medical areas are comparatively ahead of time compared to the usage of AI in medicine and health. They can be useful sources of inspiration when it comes to integrating AI technologies into current health care processes. We organized a very successful symposium in Paris in December 2019 (together with Bristol-Meyers Squibb) with the aim to encourage the exchange of experiences in the field of artificial intelligence and rheumatology.

Following the emergence of open public databases and connected objects, big data and AI are developing rapidly, especially in medicine, with many opportunities ranging from complex diagnostic assistance to real-time statistical analysis. This makes IA in medicine a very competitive field requiring the application of guidelines necessary. Therefore, after the EULAR guidelines for AI and rheumatology, in order to guide the use of AI technologies in the field of internal medicine managing complex diseases with complex diagnoses where AI could have a significant impact, guidelines and recommendations are needed. In our latest article we aim at raising the reader’s awareness to the importance of promoting the development and of proposing such guidelines. 


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