Collaboration with eXYSTAT on health database studies

Sanoïa –an accredited contract research organization (RERC171027) since 2017– collaborates with eXYSTAT on the implementation of healthcare databases studies including the French National Health Data System (SNDS) and its components, now called Health Data Hub.

This partnership is in an agile perspective made of "best of breed systems" in an extended collaboration model: Sanoïa brings huge experience of the SNDS databases through its expert –a former French Health insurance database expert and MD– and eXYSTAT brings strong competencies in advanced statistical methods and biostatistical practices to analyze these data.

Sanoïa and eXYSTAT demonstrate that a collaboration between SMEs with rare expertises is an actionable model for the usage of the Health Data Hub databases.


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(French Clinical Research Association)

Sanoïa is an agile Contract Research Organization for tailor-made Real-Life studies.