Description of therapeutic changes in people living with HIV - French SNDS database (EGB)

In France, about 170,000 people live with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection, with an incidence of about 6,000 new cases per year. In 2016, nearly 74% of people living with HIV were stabilized, with a controlled viral load (in this publication <200 copies/ml). This percentage rises to 97% in the treated population.

Once virological success has been achieved (viral load < 50 copies/ml), a change in antiretroviral treatment may be useful or necessary in varying circumstances and with varying objectives.

The aim is to individualise the treatment to improve tolerance and/or ease of administration while maintaining immunovirological efficacy. This may include :

  • improving the patient's quality of life, for example by reducing the number of doses and/or tablets taken,

  • to correct or prevent adverse effects, including cardiovascular, metabolic, renal or skeletal effects,

  • to correct or prevent drug interactions, especially when a new drug is introduced.

Sanoïa designed and conducted a study based on the generalist sample of health insurance beneficiaries (EGB) in order to evaluate the duration of the last reimbursed antiretroviral treatment and describe in particular the percentage of people who had a therapeutic relief.

This study on the basis of the EGB covered 1258 people, representing an estimated overall prevalence of 128,000 cases. The male-female proportion was 69%, a proportion consistent with the French “Cours des Comptes”, which state that in 2017, men accounted for 66% of HIV-positive discoveries, a proportion that has remained stable since 2010.

Of the 1258 people included in the study, 1065 (85%) changed treatment during the observation period, with 37% of them changing treatment within the past year. In 2018, the last ongoing treatment was a combination of two nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors and an integrase inhibitor in 42% of cases.

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