Sanoïa selected as digital CRO for the SFDT1 study!

Sanoïa is proud to announce that a global partnership agreement has been signed with the FFRD (Fondation Francophone pour la Recherche sur le Diabète) to provide full CRO services and innovative software to ensure the success of the SFTD1 study (Suivi en France de patients avec un Diabète de Type 1). The SFDT1 study is a nationwide large e-cohort study (15000 patients) that represents a unique opportunity to broaden the medical knowledge of type 1 diabetes. This e-cohort based on Sanoïa's digital platform is collecting and managing biobank, eCRF and ePRO data, as well as information from connected devices (continuous glucose monitoring, CGM).

According to Pr E. COSSON and Pr J.-P. RIVELINE, coordinators of SFDT1, " the course of the bidding process we have been working with various companies to select our partner for this extraordinary study. Sanoïa's impressive track record of big cohorts relying on a strong digital backbone has been a crucial factor in the decision process. In addition, their capacity to understand our approach towards the project, as well as our needs and expectations and their ability to design creative innovative solutions – not just regarding the digital aspects behind the project – but also the quick and efficient handling of the protocol with respect to the regulatory submission, have been keys to the success of the study and hence confirm our choice..."


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