Successful symposium "Artificial Intelligence: the future of rheumatology?"

The recent symposium on artificial intelligence (AI) and rheumatology, organized by Sanoïa and Bristol-Meyers Squibb, attracted more than 500 rheumatologists, Monday, December 9!

This successful symposium brought together four experts in their respective fields of work as well as four young rheumatologists, on the occasion of the 32th French Congress on Rheumatology, who discussed the growing importance of AI for applications in rheumatology including clinical trial applications.

It started off by Pr Jacques Morel interviewing Hervé Servy, founder of Sanoïa. We at Sanoïa use AI in several clinical trial projects for our clients, especially when analyzing huge data sets coming from connected objects (eg: ActConnect).

In the second part, Dr Jean-Hugues Salmon and Prof Hubert Marotte discussed the role of AI when it comes to predicting the evolution of chronic inflammatory rheumatism, using the SMAR2T project as a leading example: this research project in which Sanoïa is involved tries to establish a model allowing to predict the biologic response based on physical activity monitored by IoT and patient reported outcomes.

This was followed by “How to predict the risk of transplant rejection in the case of kidney transplantations using AI”? In a discussion with Dr Anna Moltó, Prof Alexandre Loupy answered this question presenting the opportunities behind the tool iBox and its strength in retrospective clinical trial validation.

Finally, in which way current military applications of AI serve as a source of inspiration for rheumatologists was discussed between Dr Aurelie Najm and Lieutenant-Colonel David Pappalardo.

Sanoïa would like to thank all visitors and speakers who have contributed to the success of this symposium!


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