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"The development of a patient-centered approach to medicine is gradually allowing more patients to be involved in their own medical decisions. However, this change is not happening at the same rate in clinical research, where research generally continues to be carried out on patients, but not with patients. "(1)

Primary objective of a new Patients’ Association Working Group within EUCROF is to take the leadership on this opportunity and define all together the best practices, the best collaboration templates with the patients’ associations in the perspective to allow patients to participate more actively in the entire research process.

EUCROF, the European CRO Federation, was formally founded in 2006 and represents the voice of European CROs. We propose to join the group that is willing to extend its voices to Patients’ Associations across Europe.

Sanoïa is chairman of this new group at EUCROF and invite all CROs to join this tremendous experience beyond the regular boundaries of clinical trials stakeholders. Please contact Hervé at

(1) :

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(French Clinical Research Association)

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