Privacy by Design

We have been making the most solid choices, since our start in 2010, to protect patient privacy. 

As for us, there exists no other option, and data privacy is the first confidence criterion for patients when joining a study.


Data protection officer

Since 2010, Sanoïa has been having a data protection officer (DPO, former CIL) in its team. This person is in charge of auditing all our data processing processes and helped us to be ready for GDPR compliance in 2018.

Compliant data host

Above the legal requirements, Sanoïa has made the proactive choice to store all processed data on a secure certified data host (IDS Montceau-les-Mines), and this in an ISO 27001 compliant process.


Threats are changing at least as so fast as news digital services appear. Sanoïa is in contact with cybersecurity agencies as well as with professional organizations, and also conducts security testing campaigns to proactively identify potential vulnerabilities. 

full stack control

We master our digital stack. Every single line of code has been designed and created by our engineers. We leverage state of the art technologies: object database (MongoDB) and virtualization (Docker, VM-WARE) and we develop 100% of our code.


e-Health Services SAS


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(French Clinical Research Association)

Sanoïa is an agile Contract Research Organization for tailor-made Real-Life studies.