Cancer : Hybrid e-cohort on “checkpoint inhibitors”

Mis à jour : 29 août 2019

New monoclonal antibodies “checkpoint inhibitors” that for now target and PD-1/L1 and their ligands, clearly mark a turning point in the treatment of cancer where patient are refractory to conventional approaches. More and more patients will benefit from these new therapies, and for some of them will survive of their cancer on a long term period.

These new drugs could induce autoimmune manifestations so called Opportunistic Autoimmunity Secondary to cancer Immunotherapy (OASI) in a significant proportion of patients and sometimes potentially severe.  In this context it is worthwhile to conduct a research that could identify and measure OASI in patients treated by these new “checkpoint inhibitors” on a real life basis.

Sanoïa digital-CRO ( is proud to announce to have been selected (RFP) to organize, design and conduct the first #hybrid #ecohort to answer this need with an innovative #patientcentric design in France.


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