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Insulin Pumps Therapeutic modalities and metabolic control in a population of patients with Type 1 diabetes according to their body mass index: data from the SFDT1

Laurence Salle, Jean‐Baptiste Julla, Gloria Aguayo, et al. Poster. 17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes. Florence, Italy (Mars 2024)

Background and Aims: The prevalence of obesity has increased steadily over the past decades both in the general population and in people with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Our study aims to compare insulin therapy modalities, insulin needs and metabolic control in a cohort of patients with T1D according to body mass index (BMI) categories both in the general population and in people with T1D.

Methods: This prospective multicenter observational study enrolled patients with T1D, categorized into four BMI classes: Underweight (<18.5 kg/m2), Normal weight (18.5‐24.9 kg/m2), Overweight (25‐29.9 kg/m2), and Obesity (BMI ≥30kg/m2). Statistical analyses were conducted at baseline, with data presented as Mean +/‐ SD or frequency (%). Mean group comparisons were made using Kruskall‐Wallis tests, and proportion comparisons were made using chi‐squared tests.

Results: Our study included 1,725 patients with T1D, whose characteristics are presented in Table 1 according to each class. The insulin therapy modalities in the group with obesity are presented in Table 2.

Conclusions: People living with T1D and obesity are more likely to use open or closed‐loop insulin pumps but have similar metabolic control compared to the other BMI categories. In people with T1D and obesity, a hybrid closed‐loop system is associated with better metabolic parameters despite longer diabetes duration and older age.

(Poster) Laurence Salle, Jean‐Baptiste Julla, Gloria Aguayo, Sopio Tatulashvili, Hélène Hanaire, Lyse Bordier, Laura Sablone, Naïma Servy, Michael Joubert, Eric Renard, Jean‐François Gautier, Gaëtan Prevost, Sandrine Lablanche, Guy Fagherazzi, Emmanuel Cosson, Jean‐Pierre Riveline. EV343 / #1103 E‐Poster Topic: AS07.. The Official Journal of ATTD Advanced Techologies & Treatments for Diabetes CONFERENCE 6–9 MARCH 2024 I FLORENCE & ONLINE.


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