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Musculoskeletal disorders are frequent in persons living with Type 1 diabetes and could interfere with diabetes technology use

Sylvie Picard, Noemie Topalian, Jean‐Pierre Riveline, et al.  Poster. 17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes. Florence, Italy (Mars 2024)

Background and Aims: Musculoskeletal disorders (MSKDs) are common type 1 diabetes (T1D) complications that can interfere with the use of technology by altering strength and dexterity in upper limbs. However, the determinants of MSKDs and their impact on diabetes technology use remain unclear.

Methods: This analysis was performed on the data of 1,832 adult participants from SFDT1, a large prospective cohort study including persons with T1D in France. We assessed the history of stress fractures, non‐traumatic upper‐limb (NTUL) antecedents (entrapment or retractile disorders) and history of entrapment disorders (ED) involving upper or lower limbs.

Results: The median(IQR) age of the participants was 38(22) years, diabetes duration 22(19) years, BMI 24.9(5.9) kg/m2, HbA1c 7.5(1.4)%, TIR 59.7(23)%, female 47.2%, current smokers 22.3%, retinopathy 36.4%. A third reported at least one MSKD (8% fractures, 24% NTUL, 15% ED). Participants with MSKDs were older (47(21) vs 34(19) year‐old) with a longer diabetes duration (30(18) vs 19(16) years), more often women (53.5 vs 44%) and had more often retinopathy (48 vs 30%) or neuropathy (47 vs 25%). Adjusted OR for smoking was 1.5. Participants with MSKDs used more often closed loop systems (OR 1.47 [1.02‐2.11]), maybe as it requires less interaction with the device.

Conclusions: We have demonstrated that MSKDs are frequent in people with T1D and associated with key diabetes risk factors, complications, and diabetes technology use. More awareness on MSKDs' impacts on the use of diabetes technology and the choice of devices is warranted.

(Poster) Sylvie Picard, Noemie Topalian, Jean‐Pierre Riveline, Dulce Canha, Emmanuel Cosson, Guy Fagherazzi, Gloria Aguayo. EV454 / #1094 E‐Poster Topic: AS16. The Official Journal of ATTD Advanced Techologies & Treatments for Diabetes CONFERENCE 6–9 MARCH 2024 I FLORENCE & ONLINE.


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