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Sanoïa is an #agile Contract Research Organization for #innovative Real-Life studies.

Current projects

We can contribute to your real-life study projects at different stages, with various involvements depending on your requirements.

For our team there is no such thing as a small project and there is no canned answer to your request.

Prevalence of Sjögren’s Syndrome in the SNDS

(customer: pharmaceutical company)

Sanoïa, as an Independent Research Agency (n° RERC171027), conducts a data analysis project for a pharmaceutical company to deliver the first study on how a medico-administrative database enables the determination of incidence, prevalence and costs of Sjögren’s syndrome in France. This study will provide data for the scientific community and patient associations.

PRAISE: identification of autoimmune manifestations during antibody “checkpoint inhibitor” therapy
(customer:  CHU Strasbourg - pharmaceutical company)

Sanoïa’s role: design, plan and execute in “full-service mode” a 2000 patient e-cohort (physician, patient, SNDS and biobank) in oncology. Endpoint: qualify and quantify opportunistic autoimmunity secondary to cancer immunotherapy (OASI) during anti PD-1/ therapy. 

Read more on clinical trials.

ART: 1st anti-TNF in rheumatoid polyarthritis (RA) in France
(customer:  French Society for Rheumatology)

Sanoïa’s role: deliver a “quick inclusion” digital platform to wrap a legacy CRF, and operate a patient e-cohort. Endpoint: monitor safety of rheumatoid arthritis patients receiving their first anti-TNF treatment. Read more on clinicial trials.

PERFUSE: biosimilar registry on multi-diseases   
(customer: pharmaceutical company)

Sanoïa’s role: deliver full-service CRO operations during 3 years to run a common registry for two new biologics in France, in gastroenterology and rheumatology, with a target of 3000 patients in 5 diseases. Endpoint: effectiveness and safety of the biosimilars. Read more on clinical trials.

Lupus patient e-cohort
(Filière Maladie Rare)

Sanoïa’s role: deliver full-service CRO operations. Endpoint: via a “pilot” trial, qualify the profile of patients using an e-health service in order to provide design guidance for prospective cohorts in lupus studies.

I-CARE: IBD cancer and serious infections in Europe
(customer: GETAID: the national IBD society in France)

Sanoïa’s role: develop and operate a multi-lingual patient platform to monitor 10000 patients in 15 countries, during 5 years. Endpoint: detect potential serious adverse reactions occurring when on biologics.

Diabète LAB: research platform for patients with diabetes
(customer: FFD (since 1938 the 1st French Diabetes Associations Federation)

Sanoïa’s role: deliver a secure platform allowing patients to confidently register, to participate in surveys, studies and interviews managed by Diabète LAB, and full research services for the operation of the surveys and studies.

SAFIR: Safety and effectiveness of immune-modulating drugs in rheumatology 
(customers: ANSM (The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products) and AP-HP (Paris Hospitals).

Sanoïa’s role: deliver a full digital e-cohort allowing "self safety" of rheumatology patients on immune-modulating drugs, in a process going from patient to regional safety centers (CRPV). Endpoint: quantify the prevalence of adverse events occurring when on these kind of drugs.

EGB-ARV : treatments history of HIV (SNDS – National Health Data System)

Sanoïa sponsors and conducts a SNDS project that looks into the care and treatment history of HIV patients in France. The final EGB-based analysis report on therapeutic changes over the last 10 years, aims at documenting what kind of treatment do/did HIV patients receive or take and for how long. 

SFDT1 study: follow-up of patients with type 1 diabetes in France

(customer: Fondation Francophone pour la Recherche sur le Diabète (FFRD))

Sanoïa’s role: deliver full-service CRO operations (from protocol design to the operation of a large nationwide patient e-cohort). Up to 15000 type 1 diabetes patients are actively followed up for 30 years in several medical sites throughout France. Sanoïa’s digital platform manages data from various sources, including data synchronisation with a certified biobank and data collection from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. Endpoint: advance medical knowledge of type 1 diabetes and improve the health of patients living with this condition.


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